Jesus On Every Page

Jesus on Every Page: 10 Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament

Recently there has been a wonderful renewal of seeing Jesus in the Old Testament but many still read these ancient texts and wonder where Jesus can be found. They have difficulty making the connection and may even conclude that the whole idea is simply contrived. So what then is the answer, is Jesus present in the Old Testament or are pastors and Bible teachers simply forcing that kind of thinking on text? The answer can be found in the recently published work of David Murray, Jesus On Every Page.

Murray explains why he wrote this book despite the fact that much has been written on this subject. He says: “Although much has been written to help pastors with preaching Jesus from the Old Testament, there is little that provides sound principles and practical help for the average Christian who wants to explore this important way of knowing Jesus through His Word.” As Murray makes clear he set out to publish a book that is accessible to the average Christians and he has accomplished his task in every way. There is nothing in this volume that would require extensive seminary training. What you do find is that he has, as the old saying goes, put the cookies on the bottom shelf so the kiddies can get them.

Jesus On Every Page is divided into two sections. The first part reveals Murray’s own journey of discovery in seeing Jesus in the Old Testament. In these first six chapters he traces his thoughts as he learned from others who had gone before him, but mainly as he learned from Jesus and the Apostles themselves. His journey becomes for us our own journey of learning what the Old Testament is all about – namely Jesus Christ, his person and work.

In the second part of the book Murray outlines for his readers 10 principles for actually seeing Jesus. He provides for his readers a means from moving from “a text or chapter to Jesus.” In these principles Murray gives insights in how see Jesus from the creation to the prophets. He explains how to see Jesus in the characters of the Bible and the types that foreshadow Christ. He even provides a wonderful section on seeing Jesus in the Proverbs.

One chapter that I personally found to be extremely helpful was “Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Covenants.” Murray begins the chapter explaining how his world fell apart has he was lovingly challenged to rethink his position on the covenants of the Bible. Although not as dramatic as Murray’s experience I was certainly challenged to review my own understanding on God’s grace revealed in the covenants which then point us back to Jesus.

Jesus On Every Page is a wonderfully insightful book that hits the mark in providing the layman in church an accessible guide in finding Jesus in the Old Testament. David Murray has given the church a wonderful resources that would benefit any student of the Scriptures and would have a profound impact on the life of any Christian who wants to have a fuller understanding of who Christ the Savior is and what he has done.

To learn more about David Murray and Jesus On Every Page visit the website here. If you purchase the book before August 30th David Murray will send you $100 worth of free resources.


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