Devotional – Galatians 5

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

The demand of the Law is a slave master which is unrelenting with its commands of do, do, do, but the Law never lifts a finger to help us, it can only continue to place a burden upon us. It points out our every flaw, our every misstep, our every failure. It does nothing but condemn us because it has revealed the weakness of our flesh. We have not power within us to rise to the task of doing the commands of the Law and the Law has no power in it to help us so instead it kills us. It drives a stake in our heart and leaves us for dead, bound by its slavery we have no hope to free ourselves or even rescue ourselves from its grip of death. We needed someone to rescue us, to break the bondage of the Law; we needed a Savior – so Christ came. He came and fulfilled every demand of the Law breaking the chains of slavery so that the Law is no longer our master. We have a new master, one who is full of grace and mercy, who has set us free, but not only have we been set free, we have been given the power, through the indwelling Spirit, to lovingly serve our new master in obedience to the Law. But our hearts (our flesh) are weak so like Lot’s wife we turn to look back to our old master and when we do we submit to a burden of slavery. When you feel your heart turning back to the old master, come back to the promise of God’s Word that you have been set free, look to your new master – Jesus Christ – who has freed you. Look to the freedom of his grace and mercy and know that in him you can stand firm upon the solid rock of grace.


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