Devotional – Matthew 22

14 For many are called, but few are chosen.

The Father has prepared a great wedding feast where he is serving the bride and the groom from the abundance of all his blessings. Everyone is called to join in at the feast – rich and poor, old and young, Jew and Gentile. In fact, the book of Revelation tells us that there will be people from every tribe, tongue, language and nation at this banquet. In Matthew 22 the Jews have rejected this free offer of God’s grace, they have turned their backs on God’s mercy, grace, comfort, joy and blessing for their own personal desires, their own sinful longings, and killed the messengers who spoke of God’s invitation.  So God sends his servants out, out to the streets and found any and all who would come – a great multitude came and the hall was packed. But there was one who did not have the wedding garments and he was thrown out of the feast. The wedding garment needed for the feast is the robe of righteousness given to us by Chris through his death and resurrection. We received that robe when he not only called us, but chose us to be his bride and gave us the wonderful gift of all his righteousness so that we as sinners could have perfect standing before our holy God. The gospel, which speaks of these amazing gifts of God, is to be shouted from the mountain tops, all of peoples should hear of God’s salvation, all should be called to come to the wedding feast of God, but that general calling is only the beginning. When we call people to the feast through the presentation of the gospel, God is the one who chooses, God is the one who imparts grace, and God is the one who saves. So through our announcement many are called, but in God’s work of the many few are chosen – but consider this, those few will be a multitude so large that no man could even number them.


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