Luke 18

And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. 

Jesus knew that there are many times when we pray that we don’t hear an answer right away. He knew that many of us would get discouraged as we prayed because we believed that God was not answering as quickly as we desired. So Jesus spoke this parable to the crowds and to us in order to encourage us to keep praying and not lose heart. He wanted to encourage us, to give us hope, so we would be discouraged, but press on in prayer, to be persistent in prayer. The basis for our persistence and our hope in not losing heart is not “if you do this, God will do that.” No, the basis of our hope and persistence is that we have a loving Father who only knows how to give us good gifts, he only knows how to give us those things which are for our benefit, for our good, and for our joy. So be persistent in your prayers and do not lose heart because your Father in heaven who loves you will answer in due time with an answer that is good, perfect and best for you.


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