Devotional – I Corinthians 10

14 Therefore, my beloved, flee from idolatry.

My friend’s, idolatry is serious business. Israel has had to fight with the sin of idolatry from the very beginning. As they camped out at the mountain of God they formed a golden calf to worship, but they were not worshiping a different god, they called the calf Yahweh. They were using the same name as God, but putting him into an image. Paul tells us here in I Corinthians that we should see their sin as a warning to us. A warning that our hearts are easily swayed to fall into idolatry. In fact John Calvin the great reformer rightly said that our hearts are idol factories. Our idolatry is not fashioning an image out of wood or gold or silver; no our idolatry is much more subtle than that. We, like the Israelites of old, will use the name of God or of Jesus Christ, but we will believe him to be different than what the Bible has told us about him. We will believe him to be how we want him to be instead of how he has made himself known. Another way we are idolatrous is to say we love and serve God, but we allow other desires to control us. Paul tells us that to covet is a form of idolatry. So idolatry comes in many forms, but know this it is in my heart and yours and if we don’t watch for the signs we can easily fall prey to the wicked deceptions our sinful hearts create for us that move us away from Jesus Christ and towards a god of our own making. So examine yourself daily to see if your heart is turning away from Christ into idolatry and if you find yourself leaning that way, flee idolatry, turn back to Christ, receive forgiveness, and pursue him.



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