Devotional – II Timothy 2

Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, the offspring of David, as preached in my gospel

Life is full of difficulties. There are many trials and tribulations that we have to deal with in this fallen world. Many are from within us as we fight our sin nature, but fail along the way. So of our problems come because of the sin of others. Then, as believers, we can also face that added ordeal of persecution for our faith. So in the midst of these struggles Paul would remind us of this one thing – Remember Jesus Christ! We should do so in two ways: One, that he is risen from the dead – meaning death is the worst thing that can happen to us in this life and Jesus conquered death and as he was risen so shall we be risen with him. Second, he is the offspring of David – meaning he is the king of kings who sovereignly rules and reigns over this earth and he will one day come again to conquer his enemies and ours. He will one day bring to an end the rule of sin and Satan in our lives and in this world. So remember Jesus Christ…remember he is both Savior and Lord and the momentary difficulties, struggles, trials, tribulations, persecutions, and sufferings you face now are nothing in light of eternity. Remember him!


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