Devotional – John 4

Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest. 

All around us are there are people who are ready to hear the gospel. They may not know it, and they are probably not seeking for it, but in their life people have sowed the seed of the Word of God and slowly it has sprouted and grown by the working of the Spirit of God and the time has come for the harvest to be reaped. Our problem comes from not seeing every person as a possible soul to be harvested. From our perspective we cannot always perceive the working of the Spirit in someone’s life that would make them ready to respond in faith to the gospel, so we must simply give the gospel. If the harvest is ready then it will be clear, but if it is not then you have joined the ranks of sowers who have spoken in that person’s life and another will reap the harvest at a later time. So then, with every encounter you have with someone you have the opportunity of being a sower or a reaper. I pray that you will be a reaper, for the fields are ripe and ready for harvest. Go therefore into the fields and reap the harvest that God has already prepared.


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