Devotional – John 19

30 When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

For thousands of years God had been making preparations for this very moment. Really it goes back before that because he made these plans before he even created anything, but the revelation of those plans were first brought to light when he told Adam and Eve that there would be a one to come who would crush the serpent’s head. Later he would call out a man named Abram from whom he would bring the Messiah. Then he would call Isaac, then Jacob, the Judah, the David, then Mary and Joseph. God not only called out specific individuals, he was also working in human history in the rise and fall of nations all of which served his purpose to bring about the greatest display of his majesty and glory – the cross. At the very center and heart of all that God is doing in this world from the moment of creation to the culmination of the end of time is the cross of Jesus Christ. So when Jesus finally gave up his spirit and died he could say that “it is finished.” There is nothing more for Christ to do, salvation had been completed. Now it’s just about the gathering of his sheep, those whom he died to save. In these words “It is finished” we can find comfort, hope and assurance for our salvation in the moment we confessed Christ, in the day to day moments of our sanctification, and in the moment of our final glorification from God’s perspective is finished, so we look to the cross, we look to Christ and we place our trust in him, we place our confidence in him, we place our hope in him.


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