Devotional – I Thessalonians 4

For this is the will of God, your sanctification…

Have you ever wondered what God’s will for your life is? Often we get caught up in trying wondering and prayer about God’s will about where to work, or who to marry, or what house to buy, but we fail to be concerned about the very thing that God tells us is his will – our sanctification; that is our holiness, our Christlikeness. God’s desire for your life is that you forsake your sin and treasure him more, that you would find your satisfaction in him, that you would find your joy in him. It’s not that a home, or work place or even a spouse are not important, but what is lasting and eternal is your soul and God is working on perfecting in us his holiness. So don’t fret or worry about God’s will in the minutia of life, He knows how to get you where he needs you. Instead, focus your attention on what is good, and right and holy – focus your attention on Christ.


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