The Happy Debtor

Ten thousand talents once I owed,

     And nothing had to pay;

But JESUS freed me from the load,

     And washed my debt away.

Yet since the LORD forgave my sin,

     And blotted out my score;

Much more indebted I have been,

     Than e’er I was before.

My guilt is cancelled quite, I know,

     And satisfaction made;

But the vast debt of love I owe,

     Can never be repaid.

The love I owe for sin forgiv’n,

     For power to believe,

For present peace, and promised heav’n,

     No angel can conceive.

That love of thine! thou sinner’s Friend!

     Witness thy bleeding heart!

My little all can ne’er extend

     To pay a thousandth part.

Nay more, the poor returns I make

     I first from thee obtain;

And ’tis of grace, that thou wilt take

     Such poor returns again.

’Tis well—it shall my glory be

     (Let who will boast their store)

In time and to eternity,

     To owe thee more and more.

– John Newton, from the Olny Hymns


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