The Abundant Mercy of God

No other Attribute could have helped us had Mercy refused; as we are by nature, Justice condemns us, Holiness frowns upon us, Power crushes us, Truth confirms the threat of the Law, and Wrath fulfills it. It is from the Mercy of our God that all our hopes begin. Mercy is needed for the miserable, and yet more for the sinful; misery and sin are fully united in the human race, and Mercy, here, performs her noble deeds. My Brothers and Sisters, God has vouchsafed His Mercy to us, and we must thankfully acknowledge that in our case His Mercy has been abundant Mercy! We were defiled with abundant sin,
and only the multitude of His Loving Kindnesses could have put those sins away; we were infected with an abundance of evil, and only overflowing Mercy can ever cure us of all our natural disease, and make us meet for Heaven. We have received abundant Grace up till now; we have made great drafts upon the Exchequer of God, and of His fullness have we all received Grace for Grace; where sin has abounded, Grace has much more abounded. Will you, my fellow Debtor, stand still awhile and contemplate the abundant Mercy of our blessed God?

– Charles Spurgeon


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